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Youth Ministry

5th – 7th Grade Ministry: Crew

<   Crew means “a group of people who work closely together”. Synonyms for crew are: army, band, party, squad, team. Also, from the Latin crescere “to arise, grow”.

<   Crew Nights are a place where middle school youth can truly be themselves and be part of a group of peers and adults who are seeking the face of Christ in the life of the Catholic Church. Crew members walk the Way of Christ together through hands on connect activities, teaching, testimonies, and small group discussions that seek to help them live their relationship with Christ in all aspects of their lives.

<   When: The 3rd Sunday of every month* Crew Schedule (002).pdf

        *except in November and March

<   Where: Meet in the St. Bernadette Youth Room

<   A Child Must have a complete permission form to participate  5th - 7th CREW Permission Form.pdf


8th – 12th Grade Ministry: Camino and Connect


<   Camino means “path” or “main highway” in Spanish.

<   As a proper noun, “Camino” refers to a pilgrimage route from France and across northern Spain to the city of Compostella, where St. James the Apostle is buried. Pilgrims have faithfully been traversing the route for over 800 years.

<   The word “camino” captures this movement, this desire to move into deeper abiding communion, which is why it stands as the name of these companionship groups.

<   Where: Meet in the homes of members of the Camino groups 2-3 times per month.

<   What: Companionship groups of 6-12 youth led by two adult Core Team Members

<   The entirety of Camino’s format aims to nourish communio (communion/community). It is inspired by Acts 2:42, which expresses how the early Church lived communio: “They devoted themselves to the teaching of the apostles and to fellowship, to the breaking of the bread and prayers.” Camino’s format simply engages with each aspect of this verse from Acts.

§  Breaking the Bread: It is in breaking bread and sharing in a meal (however extravagant or simple) that human beings enter into conversation (communication) and deeper relationship.

§  Fellowship: Engaging in leisure together. The point is to experience some form of recreation (literally, to be re-created) together, and to allow that form of leisure to cultivate fellowship.

§  Teaching of the Apostles: Camino leaders will provide a brief teaching on the topic of the session and lead into a time of reflection/discussion. Teaching aims to lead with beauty- stories, Catechism, testimony from leader; Personal reflection and Emmaus walk; Group Discussion

§  Prayer: Engaging in different forms of prayer together. Beginning with more simple prayers and growing in other forms of prayer (Lectio Divina, Ignatian Examen, Rosary, etc.)

<   How to Join a Camino Group: Call or email Susan Nussman or Abby Schmid. snussman@stbameliaparish.org, aschmid@stbameliaparish.org, 513-753-5566 ext. 115

<   Adult Leaders: Please contact the VIA Missionaries to set up a meeting if you are interested in being a Camino Leader.




<   Connect means “to establish in relationship”

<   Connect events seek to help the various Camino Groups connect to each other and connect to Jesus. Offering a place where the youth can form more relationships in and amongst the youth group as a whole. Connect is also a place where youth who are not already in a Camino Group can meet others and get connected to a Camino group in person.

<   Beginning January 2019



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