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Sacramental Preparation for Children and Teens

Children who have been baptized will normally be prepared for the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Reconciliation in the second grade classrooms of both PRP and the parish day school. There are several additional meetings and events, in addition to normal class attendance. Parents who home school are expected to follow a similar curriculum as the parish schools and bring their children to the additional events. Children wishing Holy Eucharist, who are older than the traditional second grader, but not yet sixteen years of age, will be placed in the most appropriate class and may be asked to participate in RCIA for Children (RCIC).

Confirmation of parish youth occurs once every other year. Students in grades 8-10 are welcome to join the preparation process which begins in the fall and ends at Confirmation in the spring. Students meet monthly on Sunday evenings and participate in service events. They are expected to be co-enrolled in religion classes in a Catholic School or in the PRP. Children and youth ages seven through fifteen who wish to be baptized as Catholics or who wish to join the Catholic Church from another religious tradition, are expected to be prepared through the RCIC, in a special group for children. Current practice is to enroll the student in whatever religious education class is deemed most appropriate by the pastor and the DRE, and to add formation meetings and ritual events to the best of our ability. Continued parish growth in the number of catechumens and candidates for full communion, makes this an area of ongoing evaluation and improvement.

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