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Weekly Bulletin

The Sunday Bulletin is the church's primary weekly public publication. All the current and future events and news can be found in the bulltin. You may view a copy of a past bulletin by using one of the links on the left. The previous 12 bulletins can also be found on our page on the the SeekAndFind.com website.

Deadline for bulletin articles are Friday's at 4:00 PM (9 days prior). Please submit your request to stbernadetteamelia@fuse.net. For additional information, Please contact our Parish Office at(513) 753-5566.
Sunday Homilies 2014
Readings Date PDFfile MP3File AudioStream Theme
April 20, 2014   One Disconcerting Fact
April 13, 2014   The Entrance Into Jerusalem
April 6, 2014   Born Into Eternal Life
March 30, 2014   20/20 vision... and can't see a thing!
March 23, 2014   How deep is that well?
March 16, 2014   Running From What You Yearn For
March 9, 2014   Sin And Black Ice
March 5, 2014   Repent, And Believe The Gospel
March 2, 2014   Do not be absorbed by...
February 23, 2014   Live a Peaceful and Generous Life.
February 16, 2014   It's Hard To Be Good
February 9, 2014   Churchgoers and Disciples
February 2, 2014   The Strongest, Toughest, Most Powerful Men
January 26, 2014   Living in Capernaum
January 19, 2014   Being Like John the Baptist
January 12, 2014   "Lord, help me to grow into my Baptism."
January 4, 2014   The Journey of the Three Kings
January 1, 2014   Mary, the Mother of God!


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