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Bingo Volunteers

Bingo is the second largest fundraiser for St. Bernadette parish making close to $20,000 annually with substantial room for growth with the help of additional volunteers. Weekly bingo requires approximately 14 people in front of and behind the scenes to successfully operate. Volunteer opportunities range from 1 hour a month to 5 hours a month. Most bingo workers are assigned to a certain week of the month they choose and are expected to fulfill their volunteer obligations on that week. For example if you volunteered to work FIRST week, the first Friday of each calendar month you would be responsible for working or covering your volunteer position. Below are job descriptions. Each position comes with full training with a person currently working that position and information from the Bingo handbook outlining the position’s responsibilities. Please look them over and discern whether you are able to give of your time and talent to help out this very important fundraiser.

Pull tab banker: this person oversees the sale and distribution of all pull tabs for the evening.
Physical requirements: most of the evening is spent sitting with minimal walking including six stairs.


  • Verifying beginning counts
  • Issuing and logging pull tabs to sellers
  • Handling all incoming cash from sellers
  • Paying cash to game winners and verifying the winning ticket
  • Logging all serial numbers and amounts of games
  • Balancing remaining pull tabs and money at end of the night
  • Helping with clean up

Hours: 6:00pm-11:00pm one Friday a month

Concession/Bingo Set-up: Sets up concession or bingo stations for the night. Setup needs to be complete by 5PM on Friday and usually takes about an hour

Pull tab seller: sells pulltabs (instants) to the patrons 



Floor Banker

Pull tab counter


**Contact Mark Armstrong for more information
or to volunteer at 753-5566**

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